I made an ice cream! Just a few days ago, I tweeted that I didn’t have much time to be creative, but a three day weekend happened! I got Substance Painter a while ago but never tried it, so I decided that this was my chance to model and paint something! It was challenging but I learned a lot! 🎮

    Rue holding an ice cream up and making a peace sign (or attempting to). As this is VR, she is doing this in a way that makes the ice cream float in front of her hand, meaning that no part of the ice cream is occluded. The ice cream is shaped like a popsicle and has two layers. Both layers are pink, but the outer layer has some white icing coiled around it. The popsicle stick says, “Yum!"A screenshot of the modeling program Blender showing the ice cream from the VRChat photo. It is in wireframe mode, and you can see that some of the edges are colored red.A screenshot of the ice cream from the VRChat photo in Substance Painter. The textures of the ice cream are easier to see in this screenshot.

    I’m pretty happy with my new hair! 🎮

    I tried my best to make it float like my old hair, and from what my friends say, it sounds like I did a pretty good job even though it’s shorter~ And it’s nice not having to worry about my hair clipping or floating into someone’s face now!

    A selfie I took in VRChat! I have my new short hair, and my side-tail is floating a little bit! I’m standing in front of a mirror, so you can see my back as well. With shorter hair, my hair stays closer to my head, so it doesn’t take up as much space anymore!

    I was browsing Booth because I wanted to update my look in VRChat to match my new Rue look, and I bought a new hairstyle! 🎮

    It’ll take me a while to optimize (it has 98 bones and 10k tris) so I’ll still have my default Selestia long hair for a bit longer, but I’m excited by how cute it looks!

    A screenshot of Blender showing my VRChat avatar. My long hair has been replaced with cute short hair! The hair has not been integrated with my avatar yet, and the scene statistics have lots of big numbers, so it’s clear that I’ve only loaded the hair in—there’s still more work to be done before I can actually upload this to VRChat!

    Tonight I finished visiting the last Virtual Market 2023 Summer world with my friend! Another of my cute friends joined us for the last world too. It was a nice and calm ending to our journey together! I’m looking forward to hanging out with them again~ 🎮

    A selfie of me and two of my cute friends commemorating reaching the end of Vket2023S Parareal Fukuoka (and the rest of the Vket worlds).

    I made it through all of the worlds at Virtual Market 2023 Summer in VRChat! 🎮

    It was a lot of fun and I saw a lot of cute things, and I was glad that I was able to visit with my friend! There were a few worlds they missed though, so I’m looking forward to revisiting those worlds with them~

    My friend and I pose for a celebratory photo in front of a #VketStampRally sign. My completed Vket 2023 Summer Stamp Rally card