I made an ice cream! Just a few days ago, I tweeted that I didn’t have much time to be creative, but a three day weekend happened! I got Substance Painter a while ago but never tried it, so I decided that this was my chance to model and paint something! It was challenging but I learned a lot! 🎮

Rue holding an ice cream up and making a peace sign (or attempting to). As this is VR, she is doing this in a way that makes the ice cream float in front of her hand, meaning that no part of the ice cream is occluded. The ice cream is shaped like a popsicle and has two layers. Both layers are pink, but the outer layer has some white icing coiled around it. The popsicle stick says, “Yum!"A screenshot of the modeling program Blender showing the ice cream from the VRChat photo. It is in wireframe mode, and you can see that some of the edges are colored red.A screenshot of the ice cream from the VRChat photo in Substance Painter. The textures of the ice cream are easier to see in this screenshot.