Happy New Year! I’ve been taking a break from sketching (I still sketch a little every day), so I haven’t posted much! I wanted to do something for the new year though! 🎨

    I’ve been spending a lot of time playing games lately, so this was just a quick sketch.

    Rue holding a flag that says 2024.

    Today’s theme was “scornful eyes.” 🎨

    I didn’t really feel like sketching today, especially with the prompt being kinda mean sounding, but I ended up trying it out anyway. I think I managed to channel some of that “scornful energy” in!

    My sketch for today’s pixiv theme of #ジト目. It’s me doing a kinda sideways stare at the viewer! The sketch itself is a bit lazy and unrefined because I didn’t really feel like sketching today.

    It’s much later than usual today so I just did a quick sketch! 🎨

    This time was a bit interesting! Google Translate wouldn’t translate the theme at all, so I had to look for the tag on Pixiv to figure out that the theme was straight fringe!

    My sketch for today’s Pixiv theme of #ぱっつん. It’s me peeking from the corner!

    Today’s “tongue out” theme was a bit tricky because I don’t stick my tongue out that much—why stick your tongue out when you can just smile? It was hard to make it look like me, but I managed! 🎨

    Now that I think about it, I drew a similar sketch a while back~ I wonder if I improved?

    My sketch for today’s #舌出し pixiv theme! It’s me in a backless sweater, looking back and sticking my tongue out! I’m looking super embarrassed and sweating a bit!

    Today’s theme was orange! I think that’s orange as in the color, not the fruit. 🎨

    …which is kinda weird to sketch! All my sketches are purple! In the end I decided to just do a normal purple sketch and add a splash of orange to it instead.

    My pixiv sketch for today’s theme of #オレンジ色. It’s be being splashed by orange juice! Or something like that.

    I sketched again today! Today’s theme was hair ornament, and I wanted to do something quick, so I just put a flower in my hair~ 🎨

    My sketch for today’s Pixiv theme of #髪飾り! It’s me with a flower in my hair.

    I haven’t posted much lately! Other than spending too much time playing games, I’ve also been in a creative slump.

    I’ve been trying to sketch something to use for my Contact Poster once iOS 17 comes out, but it really hasn’t been going well! I’m not very happy with it. 🎨

    A bad work-in-progress sketch of myself in Procreate.

    I’m on vacation today so I had a chance to do some extra sketching! I was on vacation yesterday as well, but I ended up spending my time making adjustments to my status script. I wasn’t really in the mood to sketch today either, so I ended up doing something quick! Today’s theme was cow! 🎨

    My sketch for today’s pixiv今日のお題-sensei theme of #牛. It’s me in a cow bikini and making a O_O face! It’s a more rough sketch today, so it looks a bit unpolished and rushed.

    I replaced my website’s background image with a new sketch! 🎨

    It was out of date after I decided a bigger chest fits me better, so I took my bunny sketch and polished it up slightly!

    I think it’s just as cute as my old background! It’s a little less relaxed and a bit more “energetic” though~

    A screenshot of Safari displaying my website, rue.moe! The background is purple, and the purple extends all the way to Safari’s toolbar. Basically, the whole window is just a nice, flat purple. The text on the page includes an introduction and some links—you can read the contents on rue.moe. In the background on the right side of the window is a dimmed sketch of me in a bunny outfit, complete with bunny ears. I have elf ears, short hair with side tails, and a large chest. The sketch isn’t that good, but you can still make out the features. I’m doing peace signs with both my hands and smiling. The bunny outfit seems to be transparent down the middle, through which you can see my clevage and belly button. I’m wearing a rue flower on my detached collar. A safety pin attached a heart shaped name tag to my chest. It reads Rue and has a picture of a rue flower. There’s a band on my left thigh that’s squishing my leg a little.

    I sketched a straw hat today! 🎨

    I spent a really long time on this—I think it might have been because I got a bit distracted today. I usually watch a YouTube video while I’m sketching, and today I decided to watch the VRChat Community Meetup event stream~

    I think it turned out okay though!

    My pixiv今日のお題-sensei sketch of today’s #麦わら帽子 theme! It’s me in a straw hat! I’m holding it on one side! And I’m wearing a dress! I tried to make my hair a little more “flowy” this time but it didn’t really work out.

    My sketch today is a little more rough than my usual sketches because I was feeling a little low motivation today. 🎨

    It took me a bit to decide how to draw the rolled up sleeves theme. I think my idea to sketch myself rolling up my sleeves to sketch worked out pretty well!

    My sketch for today’s  #腕まくり theme from pixiv今日のお題-sensei. It’s me sketching with my sleeves rolled up! It’s a pretty rough, more “sketchy” sketch, so it leaves a bit more to imagination and interpretation with course lines and messy areas.

    I have 25 followers on Mastodon, so I did a quick 36 minute sketch to celebrate! 🎨

    Hmm, maybe it would’ve been more fun to do a 25 minute sketch. I think I was still struggling with the clothes at that point though!

    It’s me celebrating 25 followers on Mastodon! I’m wearing a crop top with Prami on the front and a bikini bottom with the mastodon logo on it.

    I couldn’t sketch yesterday because of a bad headache, so I was glad today’s theme was something cute like bunny! 🎨

    I think my favorite thing about anime girls in bunny outfits is the little shiny folds artists shade onto their outfits! So I tried to put some folds into my sketch~

    A sketch of me in a bunnysuit! I did this for today’s pixiv今日のお題-sensei theme of バニー. This time I sketched a larger chest version of me! It would look a little weird for me to be wearing a bunnysuit with a flat chest…

    I sketched my friend! They’ve been putting my sketches on their t-shirt in VRChat, so I thought it would be fun to do a sketch of them! 🎨

    A sketch of my friend’s VRChat avatar. My friend has cat ears and usually wears a t-shirt with a graphic on it. For this sketch, I copied the whole sketch and pasted it on the t-shirt.

    I sketched a larger chest version of my self sketch to see which I like better~ 🎨

    This all started when I decided I didn’t want to switch avatars in VRChat. I think I look pretty cute there! And that’s when I started doubting the character design changes I made when I changed my name…

    My first Rue sketch, but touched up a little and with a larger chest! I’m still doing the same pose as before with a slight smile and a slightly tilted head, and my arms together in front of me. Since I have a larger chest in this sketch, it’s squished a little this time.

    Today’s sketching theme is yukata! 🎨

    …which was a bit tricky for me, because I’m pretty illiterate when it comes to Japanese culture! I tried my best with the references I could find. There were some more revealing variants I wanted to try too, but I didn’t want to mess up from my unfamiliarity!

    My attempt at sketching today’s pixiv今日のお題-sensei theme of 浴衣. It’s a picture of me in a yukata, looking down at it. I can’t really speak for how accurately I did it, but I tried my best! I also put my own spin on it a little! The flowers I drew on it are simplified rue herb flowers! …or at least based on what I could find online. I’ve never seen one in real life, and apparently they’re dangerous to touch, so I guess I won’t be looking for them any time soon.

    Pixiv translates today’s sketching theme as ringlets, and I’m not too familiar with drawing those! 🎨

    I think I’m pretty happy with this sketch overall. The mirror looks a little awkward and I think I’d like to get better at folds. I think I’m getting better at the cute short hair “swoosh”!

    My attempt at sketching today’s pixiv今日のお題-sensei theme of 縦ロール. It’s me in a big t-shirt! I’m holding a mirror in one hand and holding my other hand up to one of my ringlets, which is in the same position as my usual (non-ringlet) sidetails, and floating the same way.

    The banana sketching theme today was interesting! 🎨

    I feel like bananas have a bit of a bit of an odd reputation, so I was a bit curious what other people would do… I can already see there’s one R15 post!

    I wanted to do something more on the silly side though, so this is what I came up with!

    My sketch for today’s pixiv今日のお題-sensei theme, バナナ. I recolored the border to my signature shade of purple. The sketch features me in a banana suit (um, I guess it’s like a leotard or bunny suit but the top of it is like a peeled banana?) holding a banana up. That’s pretty much it for the sketch…

    Sketching for today’s summer theme was a bit difficult because it’s so vague! In the end I put a bunch of summer things together and I hope it’s summery enough! I guess it helped a bit that it was so hot in my room when I did this so I could channel that into my artwork. 🎨

    My pixiv今日のお題-sensei sketch for the theme 夏. The sketch consists of me holding a parasol and a melting ice cream bar thing. I’m also wearing a bikini. I have a couple of sweat drops and a somewhat annoyed expression. Or at least that’s what I tried to sketch! I guess as an accessibility description reading person you’re getting a more idealized description instead of The Actual Thing… sorry!

    I sketched a new profile photo! 🎨

    I worked pretty hard on getting the details to look right, but I ended up not using most of it! It looks like a white and purple blur at smaller scales, so I zoomed in to make it more visible! I think I got a pretty cute part of my face though!

    The full sketch from my profile photo. It’s a sketch of my head!

    The peace sign theme today was a great opportunity to practice drawing hands! I still find them pretty hard to draw, and I don’t think they look that great here, but I think I’ve developed a pretty good strategy for drawing them! You can also see I struggled a bit on the eyes again~ 🎨

    A sketch of me! I’m holding up two peace signs because the Pixiv sensei theme today was peace signs.

    Today’s sketch was a little difficult because I’m not familiar enough with Japanese culture to know what a うちわ is! I do think I’ve seen a few in VRChat though, so I tried my best. 🎨

    I also had to rush! I spent too much time today experimenting with my new omg.lol account and started late!

    A sketch of me holding a fan! Today’s Pixiv Sensei theme was うちわ and I think that’s a type of fan at least…

    Hello again!

    I suddenly decided on a new online name! (I’ll also still be Pudding—more username options!) I sketched myself as a Rue to celebrate~ 🎨

    I couldn’t find a way to rename my blog, so I might have broken or duplicated some things. I hope I didn’t cause too much trouble for micro.blog!

    A new sketch of myself, now as a Rue. The lines are in my (new) signature purple color!

    I was curious how Micro.blog handles videos, so I’m uploading a time-lapse recording of one of my past sketches! 🎨

    The theme from this sketch was “bikini,” and it was from 2023-07-05! Toward the end, I got a little worried that it might have been too revealing so I added more clothes~

    I don’t usually draw myself with short hair, so I made a shocked face for my bob cut sketch! 🎨

    Pixiv Sketch is making me try all sorts of new things~ I make this face in VRChat a lot but I don’t think I’ve drawn it before. And then just for fun, I had the idea to make it about a bad haircut!

    A Pixiv Sketch with the theme “bob cut.” It’s a sketch of me with very short, unevenly cut hair. I’m holding scissors and making a shocked face. In the corner, there’s a sparkly image of a two-side-up hairstyle.
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