I replaced my website’s background image with a new sketch! 🎨

It was out of date after I decided a bigger chest fits me better, so I took my bunny sketch and polished it up slightly!

I think it’s just as cute as my old background! It’s a little less relaxed and a bit more “energetic” though~

A screenshot of Safari displaying my website, rue.moe! The background is purple, and the purple extends all the way to Safari’s toolbar. Basically, the whole window is just a nice, flat purple. The text on the page includes an introduction and some links—you can read the contents on rue.moe. In the background on the right side of the window is a dimmed sketch of me in a bunny outfit, complete with bunny ears. I have elf ears, short hair with side tails, and a large chest. The sketch isn’t that good, but you can still make out the features. I’m doing peace signs with both my hands and smiling. The bunny outfit seems to be transparent down the middle, through which you can see my clevage and belly button. I’m wearing a rue flower on my detached collar. A safety pin attached a heart shaped name tag to my chest. It reads Rue and has a picture of a rue flower. There’s a band on my left thigh that’s squishing my leg a little.