The banana sketching theme today was interesting! 🎨

I feel like bananas have a bit of a bit of an odd reputation, so I was a bit curious what other people would do… I can already see there’s one R15 post!

I wanted to do something more on the silly side though, so this is what I came up with!

My sketch for today’s pixiv今日のお題-sensei theme, バナナ. I recolored the border to my signature shade of purple. The sketch features me in a banana suit (um, I guess it’s like a leotard or bunny suit but the top of it is like a peeled banana?) holding a banana up. That’s pretty much it for the sketch…

Sketching for today’s summer theme was a bit difficult because it’s so vague! In the end I put a bunch of summer things together and I hope it’s summery enough! I guess it helped a bit that it was so hot in my room when I did this so I could channel that into my artwork. 🎨

My pixiv今日のお題-sensei sketch for the theme 夏. The sketch consists of me holding a parasol and a melting ice cream bar thing. I’m also wearing a bikini. I have a couple of sweat drops and a somewhat annoyed expression. Or at least that’s what I tried to sketch! I guess as an accessibility description reading person you’re getting a more idealized description instead of The Actual Thing… sorry!

I’m really happy with my theme customizations! I wrote the CSS myself! 📝

When I first started blogging, I planned to just pick a theme and use it, but I really couldn’t help tweaking it to match my website. I think it looks quite different now while still retaining that Tiny Theme feel!

A screenshot of my blog! The background is purple, and it extends all the way up to the browser chrome. The main body is white,  and forms a strip at the middle of the screen. My profile picture shows up in a little cut-out at the top.

I sketched a new profile photo! 🎨

I worked pretty hard on getting the details to look right, but I ended up not using most of it! It looks like a white and purple blur at smaller scales, so I zoomed in to make it more visible! I think I got a pretty cute part of my face though!

The full sketch from my profile photo. It’s a sketch of my head!

Last month I tried making music and planned to upload a song by the end of this month! So with one hour left, here’s my first song! 🎵

I didn’t really do much… I grabbed some loops from Arcade and tried to add some Splice samples, but it still sounds pretty bad. I have a long way to go…

Album art for “My First Track Ever! It's Not Good But I Tried!!!” It’s red and contains a bad sketch with some giant text on top.


The peace sign theme today was a great opportunity to practice drawing hands! I still find them pretty hard to draw, and I don’t think they look that great here, but I think I’ve developed a pretty good strategy for drawing them! You can also see I struggled a bit on the eyes again~ 🎨

A sketch of me! I’m holding up two peace signs because the Pixiv sensei theme today was peace signs.

Today’s sketch was a little difficult because I’m not familiar enough with Japanese culture to know what a うちわ is! I do think I’ve seen a few in VRChat though, so I tried my best. 🎨

I also had to rush! I spent too much time today experimenting with my new account and started late!

A sketch of me holding a fan! Today’s Pixiv Sensei theme was うちわ and I think that’s a type of fan at least…

Hello again!

I suddenly decided on a new online name! (I’ll also still be Pudding—more username options!) I sketched myself as a Rue to celebrate~ 🎨

I couldn’t find a way to rename my blog, so I might have broken or duplicated some things. I hope I didn’t cause too much trouble for!

A new sketch of myself, now as a Rue. The lines are in my (new) signature purple color!

Tonight I finished visiting the last Virtual Market 2023 Summer world with my friend! Another of my cute friends joined us for the last world too. It was a nice and calm ending to our journey together! I’m looking forward to hanging out with them again~ 🎮

A selfie of me and two of my cute friends commemorating reaching the end of Vket2023S Parareal Fukuoka (and the rest of the Vket worlds).

I was curious how handles videos, so I’m uploading a time-lapse recording of one of my past sketches! 🎨

The theme from this sketch was “bikini,” and it was from 2023-07-05! Toward the end, I got a little worried that it might have been too revealing so I added more clothes~

I don’t usually draw myself with short hair, so I made a shocked face for my bob cut sketch! 🎨

Pixiv Sketch is making me try all sorts of new things~ I make this face in VRChat a lot but I don’t think I’ve drawn it before. And then just for fun, I had the idea to make it about a bad haircut!

A Pixiv Sketch with the theme “bob cut.” It’s a sketch of me with very short, unevenly cut hair. I’m holding scissors and making a shocked face. In the corner, there’s a sparkly image of a two-side-up hairstyle.

I made it through all of the worlds at Virtual Market 2023 Summer in VRChat! 🎮

It was a lot of fun and I saw a lot of cute things, and I was glad that I was able to visit with my friend! There were a few worlds they missed though, so I’m looking forward to revisiting those worlds with them~

My friend and I pose for a celebratory photo in front of a #VketStampRally sign. My completed Vket 2023 Summer Stamp Rally card

I spent way too much time customizing my today so my cream soda pixiv sketch was pretty rushed! I’m still happy with how well it turned out considering I only spent 35 minutes on it~ 🎨

Oh, but my idea wasn’t original; I sketched myself like this picture by one of my favorite artists!

A pixiv sketch of me drinking some cream soda!


It feels like a good time to explore social apps, so I’m trying out! It’s nice that I don’t need to fret over follower counts or likes here. I hope I can get into the habit of reflecting on my creations and favorites~

To wrap up my first post, here’s a sketch I worked on! 🎨

A picture of me using the logo as a speech bubble.